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Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2019 - 19:30

Green drinks Frankfurt

Green Drinks FFM proudly invites you to our kickoff event!

Theme: Let's meet the community

We want to get to know the new Green Drinks FFM community. For our first event, we will provide a brief introduction into the objectives of our group going forward followed by networking/discussion rounds to connect and meet with others working with or interested in various environmental topics... and of course to enjoy some food and drinks.

During the evening, we will also ask you for your feedback on topics you would be interested in talking or learning about in the future.

Location: Strandcafe

Why we chose this location: A locally owned and operated cafe/restaurant, Strandcafe provides vegan options for those making conscious choices about the sources of their food consumption. Additionally, Strandcafe focuses on working with shops in the community and products from our local area to support other local businesses and to promote locally sourced ingredients.

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