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Montag, 17. Februar 2020 - 14:00

Sounds queer

About us

Sounds Queer? is a Vienna-base collective working on the intersection of electronic music, sound art and queer activism. We share knowledge and tools because we believe that music can create a safer space to exchange experiences and express yourself. A synthesizer can be a feminist spaceship to challenge not only rules in music but also social norms. We organise workshops, collective jams, performances and shows.

Our Policy

The project prioritises women, girls, femmes, queers, trans, intersex and non-binary people but there's no identity policy. Everyone is welcome but first please think about how easy is it for you to get access to this kind of skills and tools. How easy is it for you to feel comfortable and safe at a workshop with strangers? Please bear in mind that you might be ask to give space to others at a workshop first.

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