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Dienstag, 12. Mai 2020 - 20:00

Punk The Capital

Gastgeber: ICHI ICHI und ExZess

Documentary Film:

Punk the Capital; Building a Sound Movement
(2019, 88 minutes)
A film by James June Schneider, Paul Bishow, Sam Lavine
Post screening discussion with Jeff Nelson (member Minor Threat, co-founder Dischord Records) and director James June Schneider

When punk rock exploded in Washington D.C., it was a mighty convergence of powerful music, friendships, and clear minds. Punk the Capital explores the transformative period when punk took root in D.C. (1976 to 1983), situating D.C. punk within the larger narratives of punk and rock n' roll. It takes us to the heart of why both the sounds and ideas from this unique music scene continue to influence and inspire around the world. With a focus on bands such as Bad Brains, Minor Threat, and The Slickee Boys, featuring persons such as Henry Rollins, Ian MacKaye and Cynthia Connolly, the film creates a portrait of a movement that not only redefined a genre but that created a model for DIY culture as well as social and political engagement.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/T-tLRN6FYMM

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