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Dienstag, 28. April 2020 - 18:00

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28. April 2020 | Yasmin (Jineolojî Komitee Europa) | Experiences of Kurdish Women's Movement

Yasmin is a Kurdish women activist and member of the Jineoloji commitee in Europe. She will talk about the struggle of the Kurdish Women's movement and Jineolojî as the science of communal and free life.

The struggle for women's liberation in Kurdistan has in recent time become far more known to the outside world, much because of the Kurdish female forces of YPJ in Rojava (Northern Syria). Since 2011, Kurdish female fighters have been one of the most prominent actors in the fight against the Islamic State.

What is less known is the movement's ongoing intellectual, ideological, political self- defense and mobilization struggle of about 40 years which challenges colonisation, patriarchy, nation- state and capitalism.

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