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Sonntag, 28. Februar 2021 - 18:00

Fascism, Family, Religion: Queer Resistance in Poland and Germany

100 places in Poland declared themselves as "LGBT-free zones". Queers are not welcome there. In 2015 the PiS party was voted into government with nearly 40% of the votes. For them homo-and transphobia are a fundamental part of their ideology. In spite of this political climate activists took the streets and created public form of protest like creatively changing monuments. In the last years Germany witnessed an uprise in anti-queer-networks like the "Demo für Alle" (March for all) were right and christian groups organised nationwide protest.

In this online event collectives from Poland and Germany will discuss right movements and queer resistance.

Members of Kopacze queer-feminist-village collective (https://kopacze.space/), solidarisch unaufgefordert queer (suqpolitix.org) and the Inicjatywa 8 Marca from Wroclaw (https://manifa.wroclaw.pl/) will talk about queer life in our cities and how right movements are connected internationally on an ideological level. We will discuss how the role of the nuclear family and hate against LGBTIQ people are an intertwined narrative of conservative and right movements.
Together we will think about the potential of resistance across boarders and ways of creating queer and feminist alliances beyond the event.

Online Event 28.2. 6 pm in english https://bit.ly/3psQmWi
The link will be activated on the day of the event. You don´t have to register for it!

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